I’m a dork

We spent the morning at school for Thanksgiving activities. A Knoxville celebrity/movie star was there watching another child. I don’t like to bother the beautiful people, but I get a kick out of seeing them. In high school, I purposely tried to spot celebrities. Mostly musicians. Since I don’t do that any more, I was thrown off by the presence of the movie star. I deliberately tried not to look at him. I failed. I wanted his picture, but I didn’t want to be a pest, so I took pictures of the everyone in the crowd. “Is that crazy lady stalking me? No, she’s taking pictures of everyone.” Everyone else was much cooler about his presence. They all seemed to be ignoring him completely. Didn’t they recognize him? He hasn’t aged a day, so they must have known who he was. They probably mingle with important people so frequently that it just doesn’t matter to them. I don’t care. May I never be so jaded that I don’t get excited about seeing celebrities.

4 thoughts on “I’m a dork

  1. I’m guessing it (guy on left) was David Keith but if it is, that’s not what he looked like the last time I saw him… I don’t think I’d recognize him from the photo but seeing as there are very few celebs in K’ville…that’s my guess. Am I right?

  2. OMG! I would have totally done the same thing. I am all about celebrity sightings as evidenced in all my posts last year about Erik Estrada and the others in my town filming “Armed & Famous.”

    It took me a second to realize which guy I was supposed to see, but I knew who it was right away.

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