disability profiteers

Does anyone remember when the myth of “welfare queens” began? It happened before my political awakening, but it has certainly become an accepted belief, especially in the working class. I don’t know who started the even more absurd myth that parents of disabled children are profiting from their child’s disabilities. I don’t know anyone with a disabled child living like the Hilton sisters. Every family I know is facing their insurance maxing out and becoming unable to get ANY insurance benefits for their special needs family member. There are certainly phases in that person’s life when the family was focused solely on their doctor appointments, therapies and education. Those are expensive and painful times that cause the entire family tremendous financial and emotional strain. There are no grants for our families. There are no free medical or psychological services. We are not paid by the media when we tirelessly expose the realities of our lives in a constant effort to combat prejudice. We are not brood parasites. There is no magic fountain of services that we abuse and loot. Live in your isolated bubble of unawareness, but stop stomping on people when they are down. We are not the bad guys.

One thought on “disability profiteers

  1. Who in the heck would think a thing like that? Geez, my already sparse budget was strained even further by the needs of my SpEd kid … mostly taking time off work to go to those awful M-Team meetings, IEP evaluations, doctor appointments, etc., etc.

    I’d give anyone thinking that we get so much as an extra penny a piece of my mind … ‘cept I can’t really spare it these days.

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