even when things are good I worry

Tommy is having a great year. He loves his classes. He is going to graduate. The school’s after graduation party is going to have a LAN area. Tommy has a college acceptance letter in his backpack. Several years ago I was prepared to homeschool him until he was ready to pass his GED. Everything has changed. Yet, I still don’t feel comfortable sending Tommy away to college. Sarah is already mature enough to go away to college. She makes straight A’s, participates in clubs and activities, has friends and goes on group dates. Tommy is frighteningly vulnerable to outside influences. He is an easy mark for the predators of our species. I want to ask him to apply to a local school. But, he has a plan. A plan that he made. I have to let him fall down and pick himself up again. It’s just so scary.

One thought on “even when things are good I worry

  1. Bob’s aspie son lived at home for his first two years at UT but this year he moved in with friends. Things have gone okay, except for a cleanliness factor that leaves much to be desired, but I understand your concern and worry.

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