Remain calm. It’s only winter.

I have tried several different weather programs. I like to quickly glance and check the temperature and be able to easily read the full forecast daily. It sounds less insane to ask the children to wear a jacket because of the forecast than because I’m cold. I ditched the weather program that liked to beep at me almost daily. I thought it was just a bug in their system that made alerts go off whenever it was windy or wet or cold or hot. Now, the quiet weather program that just makes pop-ups with scary road signs is in overdrive. I expect alarms and pop-ups if there are tornadoes in the area or a pending blizzard. I do not need to be alerted on normal seasonal weather. Last week I had three days of “it’s gonna be windy” alerts. Today is day two of “it might snow an inch” alerts. Seriously? This is not freak out weather. This is winter. I don’t need blinkies and sirens telling me that I shouldn’t wear sandals. That is why I read the forecast. Save the hysterics for the stuff that warrants excitement.

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