Dear Mr. Abrams,

Please do not end LOST the way you ended Cloverfield. I don’t need answers for all of the questions about the island and it’s residents. I do need for all of the struggle and personal growth to matter. Reaching self-actualization only to accept premature death just can’t be the resolution for all of the characters that you have carefully nurtured into real, flawed human beings. No anti-Hollywood endings on this one.

Eagerly anticipating Star Trek,

2 thoughts on “Dear Mr. Abrams,

  1. I am both anticipating and dreading Star Trek.

    A new vision on the series can’t be bad….

    But classic Trek with no Shatner…there outta be a law against that!!!!!!!!

  2. Eeesh…
    Yeah. I might be with you on that. I saw cloverfield this weekend and spent the better part of the morning pondering it. Thing is, I’m kinda over Lost now…

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