Tommy says:

“Mom, have you ever heard of Led Zeppelin?”
“Umm, yes.”
“Have you heard that Kashmir song?”
“Yes. I like it very much.”
“Me too. I need it on my iPod.”
“I think it’s supposed to be played in the car when you’re parked.”
“Never mind.”

“Hey, Mom?”
“My favorite song in the whole world is “Shine on You Crazy Diamond.”
“That’s my favorite song, too.”
“Maybe musical taste is genetic.”
“Mooom, that is NOT how genetics works.”

3 thoughts on “Tommy says:

  1. I applaud Tommy’s spectacular music choices… Shine on You Crazy Diamond was one of my faves when I was his age, and it still is today. I’m going to be one of the nutcases trying to get Robert Plant/Alison Krauss tix this friday. Love me some 70s album rock!

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