need. more. caffeine.

Every night, Evan starts out in the crib and ends up in our bed. No, that’s not accurate. He starts out in the crib, strips naked and gets taken out of the crib to be diapered and dressed again. He goes back in the crib for a repeat strip and finally back in the crib to fall asleep before he repeats the routine. Sometimes he throws us a curve and makes sure we have to change all the bedding in the crib. If he’s really tired, he falls asleep naked and we must attempt re-dressing without waking him. This never works well. Regardless of our fun go to bed routine, he wakes up sometime after midnight and pleads for mama and dada. Once in our bed, he needs to sleep but wants to play. The result is a squirmy, wiggly child who sometimes ends up facing the wrong direction. Last night he ended up sleeping sideways between Doug and I. We formed a letter “H” in the bed. Well, technically we were more of an upside down “A” with Molly’s head where my feet should have been and her feet stretched out on top of Doug’s feet. I have been sleeping with my knees bent and my feet tucked up ever since Molly decided our bed is her bed. I forgot what I was talking about now. Oh, I was talking about Evan. He slept with his head rested on my chest and his feet mashed up against Doug. I was afraid he was going to vault off of Doug and launch himself onto the floor, so I slept in that twilight sleep that fails to satisfy. Besides being half-awake, I was perched on the edge of the mattress with about a foot of space and Evan claimed all of the covers. I am STILL cold. It was also a good night to get up a dozen times to see if my brother had posted a picture yet. Lucky for me, tonight is Open House at the high school. I wonder how the teachers will react to a parent falling asleep in their class?

3 thoughts on “need. more. caffeine.

  1. One of the great things about having much older kids and then babies again, as you and I both do, is that you know that A. – this night time stuff will pass and B. – there will come a day when you actually MISS that squirmy, nekkid toddler in your bed


  2. I have the same problem with Echo. Except that he is getting too big to be cute about it. Last night he wet the bed, which he never does so I woke up soaking wet with no covers and no pillow. 🙁

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