tv talk

Two episodes in and Breaking Bad is still tv worth watching. An hour of smart, sarcastic and very, very dark television. The recent episode was less of an undies in a twist and more of a car wreck by the side of the road that you just can’t resist looking at even though it makes you squirm. The anti-hero’s decisions are causing his life to unravel completely. He is about to find out just how good he had it and how bad things can get. There’s still a sense of who he used to be when he doesn’t fulfill his part of the coin toss, but instead of seeing that as hope, it looks like the last drops of water in an empty well. I’m looking forward to next week, but not as much as I am looking forward to . . .

. . . LOST returning this Thursday! Thursday night the phones will be turned off and the children will be put back in bed (again) during commercials. The only thing television needs now is for the writers to come back. Quick! We need more LOST and less reality shows. When I want reality, I turn the television off.

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