Dear Westminster,

I am sure that you fully intended to fly me to New York so that I could live blog this year’s show. I am disappointed, but I forgive you for forgetting to send me show tickets. I know you are very busy. I will keep my calendar free for next year’s show. Every year I watch the show and wax nostalgic about watching you for the last few decades. Every year I listen to the two announcers follow an almost identical script. “How can that dog see with all that hair covering his eyes?” When you fly me up there next year, I will go backstage and post the stories and pictures that Westminster fans have been waiting to see. I will do what fans have done in their living room since the beginning of Westminster. I will rate the handlers’ shoes. I will root for the dogs who bark, wag and show some personality. I’m not a stuffy dog critic. I am a dog person. A dog person who will watch your show on Monday and Tuesday with my family. And my dog. Just don’t forget to send me the tickets and backstage pass for next year’s show.

Thank you!

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