Hound Dogs

I love the hounds. They are the dogs that most people can easily identify. Well, except for the oddly named Plott. Hound dogs, despite sharing their name with a well-known UT supply store, are not the most southern group of dogs. The hounds are very aristocratic and expensive to breed. I knew someone with a Ridgeback who casually told anecdotes about her dog as if they were an everyday occurrence for everyone. “When we were jogging yesterday, he scooped up a live squirrel and ate it before I even realized he had it.” The two classes of Beagle is like double dipping the breed’s chances at Westminster. When it gets to this level of competition, there should just be one Beagle competing. I like hearing the judges mumbling to the handlers. Handlers should really have learned to coordinate or contrast their outfits with their dog by the time they make it to Westminster. I like to hear the audience cheering for the dogs. The dogs sparkle when they hear that applause.

Way to go Uno the Beagle!

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