Terrier Dogs

Terriers are an odd mix of beloved and maligned dogs. I’m one of the many, many people who believe there are not bad breeds, just bad owners. There are a few breeds that need to be kept from everyone but loving breeders and trainers for a few generations of the breed. Nasty people who want a mean dog guarding their property need to buy an emu or a kangaroo or an alligator instead. I was not able to give this group my full attention as it fell right in the middle of bedtimes. If I was AT the show, this would not be a problem.

Congratulations to the Charmin the Sealyham!

2 thoughts on “Terrier Dogs

  1. i strongly agree that there are ‘no bad dogs, just bad owners’

    also, here in the uk, since the police’s vigilance on guns and knives, there seems to be an increase in thugs using dogs as ‘weapons’ & its often the pit bull type of terrier that is used – very worrying


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