Granny says:

Granny: “Are the boys really going camping for spring break? It still gets cold at night.”
Me: “Maybe the cold will keep the mosquitoes and alligators away.”
Granny: “Alligators? They camp near alligators?”
Me: “It’s a swamp. The alligators live there. Last year they tried counting the gators on the canoe trip to the island where they camp but the boys got bored with the counting when they reached 200.”
Granny: “Alligators?”
Me: “The boys love this trip. They look forward to it every year. At least this year it’s warm enough that they won’t freeze when they have to get out and carry the canoe through rough spots.”
Granny: “WHAT?!?”
Me: “They’ll be fine.”

Don’t tell Granny, but I would feel better if there was a cell phone tower in the swamp.

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