4 thoughts on “3-19-2003

  1. Yes, but let them come home victorious. Let’s not run in defeat and hand over Iraq to Al Qaeda. Let them finish this job now so we won’t have to go back over there. Or would you prefer that your children fight this war then? Thats what Obama and Clinton want, all for the sake of their own glory. they dont care about what happens later. they just want the white house, no matter who it hurts.

    Or does it not matter to you either?

  2. I suspect Nedra, she is speaking of her own camping family, and not the political swag you are trying your GOP best to push here.

    Oh, and Cathy… your never supposed to let ’em know you missed ’em that much… it goes right to a man’s head. 😉

  3. I want my husband and sons home safe. I want everyone else’s spouses, children and parents home safe, too. This is not about winning or losing. We turn our backs on the genocide in other countries while this occupation that began under false pretenses continues under cloaks of secrets and lies. Let the helping continue and the hurting end.

    Jay – I hope it does.

  4. Jay’s right, Nedra. But since you brought it up, ditto to what Cathy said.

    Do a little research, by the way. Al Qaeda a) wasn’t in Iraq before we invaded b) doesn’t have conquering armies & isn’t going to take over Iraq (Iran might, but probably by proxy) c) had no connection with Saddam (look it up; the Bush administration even admits it).

    I could go on. Please do a little research. Look for non-partisan news sources (Fox News doesn’t count, sorry) and look for current articles. Look for what the Pentagon, Congress and the White House have said over the past year (recognizing that the WH and Congress will have political slants on things). Do your homework.

    And, for the record, it’s McCain who wants our children and their children to fight this war. He says we’ll stay in Iraq for 100 years if necessary. Look it up.

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