how to color eggs

Tommy – Drop each egg in a bowl of color. By the time you have all your eggs soaking in color, begin removing the eggs from the color. The entire process should take less than one minute. The eggs will each be a different hue of white.

Sarah – Draw elaborate details and cartoons on each egg. Soak in color until everyone else has finished their eggs and left the table. Results are colorful and cute.

Noah – Do a quick scribble when you can beg the clear crayon away from older sister. Try hand dipping to make multicolored eggs. Get bored. Drop in color for a few minutes, then remove. Results are unique color blends and cubist inspired designs.

Amy – Screech for crayon occasionally. Color every egg you have been given blue. Scream and cry if anyone else touches your blue eggs.

Evan – Throw (do not drop) eggs in color. Giggle at crunch sound as the shell smacks the cup. Scoop out and throw in another color. Repeat until eggs are various shades of mud. Then, steal Tommy’s white eggs and give them the toss, crack, toss routine.

Amy: “Mmm, these eggs taste like butter.”
Sarah: “There’s no butter in eggs.”
Amy: “Yes there is.”
Mom: “Where do you think eggs come from Amy?”
Amy: “Chefs make them.”
– insert simplified explanation about eggs –
Amy: “Ewww, eggs are gross!”

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