straining my brain

On Friday, May 16th, at 8:30 pm, Tommy and two of his long-time Aspie friends will graduate from high school with regular (and not special ed) diplomas. They will be the first graduates of our county’s Aspergers classrooms. The classrooms serve as safe places and a home base for the students while they are progressively mainstreamed for increasing portions of their days. The classroom teachers act as safety nets to help bridge the gaps between NT students, teachers, administrators, parents and Aspies. We are all more than a little bit excited about this major milestone that we once thought we would never reach. A celebration is needed. The problem is, what should it be? The students still have varying degrees of sensory issues and peer social skills. They don’t want an old people punch sipping and small talk party. They don’t want a loud, crowded teen party either. We need some ideas! What would be a special way to celebrate a momentous occasion for three very funny, completely unique 18-year-olds and the two teachers without whom this wouldn’t be happening?

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