throw me a life preserver

How did I miss getting something written today? Oh, that’s right. I was busy dealing with a stressed out husband, escape artists, Tommy’s Chemistry class that he is going to pass by the skin of his teeth (even if it kills us), graduation plans, Project Grad’s LAN area, the ever increasing pile of college paperwork, driving lessons, D&D, Sarah’s hair appointment, Sarah’s Honor Society induction, Girl Scout Silver Award, band fees, Noah’s black belt testing, s-teams, Boy Scouts, carpool, dances, Daisy Scouts, temper tantrums, homework, outgrown clothes, puppy school, dirty house, groceries, summer assignments, summer camps, birthdays, potty training, making “to do” lists, laundry, dishes, dead appliances, home repairs, camera envy, unanswered e-mails, sibling rivalry and crazy people. Tomorrow, I’ll add blogging back into the mix.

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