Your wife let you do THAT?

When Doug told me about the new gentleman’s salon in town, I didn’t think twice about it. When I saw that they were having a special event for bloggers, I told him he should go. I saw it as a chance for him to get out of his dungeon and socialize with other bloggers. Don’t women go to salons that have beautiful stylists? I don’t, but well manicured women do. Kids’ Kuts is more my speed. Doug did not go someplace sleazy. He did not objectify women. He did not cheat on me in body or mind. He hung out with people who have similar interests. He got pampered. He acted silly and had fun. Yay for Doug. He deserves it.

5 thoughts on “Your wife let you do THAT?

  1. With the added bonus that he came back well-groomed and smelling good! A day out with the boys doesn’t end like that! šŸ˜€

  2. I certainly didn’t see any problem with it. Just jealous that they don’t have one here in Nowhere, Tx.

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