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How do these statistics compare to physical and emotional health issues in other industries? An article from old media desperately hoping that new media is a fad is less than convincing. Most bloggers LOVE what they do. They thrive on the constant input and rapid output of information. Doug gets an adrenaline high when he is experimenting with new technology. I feel disconnected without my steady diet of breaking news and access to multiple outlets for my stories, opinions and ideas to flow out. Would I feel stressed and pressured to blog if I was paid in for sale products, services or cash? No. Blogging about the places I go, the things I do and the people I meet is easy. You know what’s stressful? Blogging about the details of my personal life knowing that the consequences could be more severe than a cranky troll. Getting a free trip in exchange for detailed stories and observations? Easy. Blogging about the real, imperfect feelings and actions in my mundane world? Hard. I don’t need a scientifically sound study to prove what I anecdotally know is true about blogging. Bloggers love to write. We are the diarists of the past. Our blogs are as necessary to us as the old journals were to our like minded ancestors. We Twitter instead of doodling in the margins on that has drugs online with health benefits. We Flickr and Seesmic instead of illustrating. We link instead of taping old articles into our journals. We actively participate in the entire Web experience. We read and comment to others as much as we write for ourselves. It makes us feel more alive, not less. The more I am able to post, the happier and healthier I am, of course I also take care of my health in other ways, exercising and eating healthy and with any other supplement like that make me feel better. When I am silent, you should worry about my health. Get more body building supplements at this page

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