Noah says:

“Mom, guess when Iron Man is in the theater? May 2nd!”
“You know what? Iron Man.”
“May 2nd. Iron Man.”
“Guess where I wanna be May 2nd? Iron Man!”
“Don’t forget Iron Man starts May 2nd.”
“I don’t want to wait for my birthday to see Iron Man.”
“Do we have Iron Man tickets yet?”
“Iron Man. Iron Man. Iron Man.”

That’s all from yesterday. I wonder if Noah wants to go see Iron Man?

7 thoughts on “Noah says:

  1. My kids are like that, but I screwed up and told them it was THIS weekend. So either I need to pull Iron Man out of my butt, or I need to find them another movie to hold them over until May 2 (which seems like it is MONTHS away)

  2. April 30th is a school night. No midnight movies on school nights. He will be very lucky if he doesn’t have to wait until his birthday.

  3. Funny … Rich has been saying much the same thing for the last few weeks. Minus the “Mom” part though … and I don’t think he’d make it until his birthday.

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