graduation shopping

Aside from outfitting everyone in something other than jeans and t-shirts for the graduation ceremony, I am making lists of things Tommy will need to take to college in a few months. My list says that Tommy needs new: undies, socks, jammies, sneakers, boots and shower shoes. I asked Tommy what he thinks he’ll need for school and his list asks for a new: iPod, laptop, headphones, a dozen shirts from Think Geek, boots and iTunes credit. The only thing he’s getting off of his list is the item that is on both of our lists. Vet Techs do not need personal electronics. They do need rabies shots. Guess what Tommy is getting this summer?

One thought on “graduation shopping

  1. OMG, really? Rabies shots? I mean, it makes sense and everything but zowie! Who knew? (Does he know this??)

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