math problems in the home

The ACT test is packed with annoying problems about trains like this one:
Train A travels at 90 miles per hour and covers 360 miles. Train B covers the same distance but travels at 60 miles per hour. How much longer does it take Train B than Train A to cover that distance?

If moms wrote the ACT, it would have problems like this:
1. The tiny water heater produces enough hot water to fill the tub 5 inches deep. It takes 20 minutes for the water heater to heat more water. How long will it take for 7 people to bathe?
2. The water heater produces enough hot water to hand wash two full sinks of dishes. How much time will it take to wash 5 sinks of dishes each day?
3. Using the results of problem number one and number two, how many loads of laundry can be washed in one day if it takes all of the hot water for a single load of laundry?

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