looking for a loophole

Are you SURE it’s worse to use paper plates than to use hot water and soap to wash all the dishes and silverware after every meal? Is there such a thing as disposable pots and pans? Would it really be so awful to have disposable clothing instead of using hot water, electricity, soap and fabric softener multiple times a day? Are real environmentalists extremely dirty or do they just spend all their time cleaning and re-using?

One thought on “looking for a loophole

  1. My husband’s theory is to pick up dishes at every garage sale or salvation army store possible. Then instead of washing dishes, just toss them and you’re not really out that much money. Who cares if the dishes match? (This is from the guy who has washed dishes all of three times in his entire life.)

    Me? I prefer to use throwaways but have a tinge of guilt what with them not being recyclable. I am the dishwasher, so they get done when I get to it. LOL!

    I say let them eat pizza off paper towels.

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