music for moms

My mother is in her 60s, but she has the same love for music that she has always had. Unfortunately, she never buys music for herself. Most of the time, I buy her CDs that are safe and easy bets. Crooners from the 60s & 70s always get played over and over. Bubble-gum boy bands usually meet with her approval. Every so often, I go out on a limb and get something risky. This year, I knew what I wanted to give her for Mother’s Day. The problem was that as much as my mother loves music, she also loves pop culture and I knew that this singer was more familiar to her as someone in the news than as someone on the radio. I seriously considered covering the disc label and putting it in a blank case. Part of the fun of something new is peeling off the wrapping, so I didn’t try to conceal the artist. She opened her gift and looked shocked. “I knew you wouldn’t buy it for yourself, but I really think you will like it.” “No. I would not have bought this. She is a very troubled young person.” Odds of the music getting played based on that reaction? Slim to none. Next time, I’ll just get her the best of the Bee Gees.

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