No, I won’t lie for you.

One day last week, Noah’s bus was MIA. It happens every so often and I completely understand that mechanical problems, bad traffic and illness sometimes make the route impossible to complete. Usually, we pile a load of children in the car and drive to the school. When I say pile, I mean our children and all the children whose parents dropped them off at the bus stop on their way to work. Last week’s missing bus happened to be one of the rare days when our car was elsewhere. I had no way to drive Noah to school. So, Noah stayed home and got treated like Cinderella all day. “Noah! After you empty the trash cans I need you to sweep your bedroom floor. No video games. This is a school day.” I know I’m a mean mom. The next day’s note was something along the lines of:

Noah’s bus did not show up yesterday and I had no way of getting him to school. I’m sorry.

The school responded that they don’t care if we have transportation. Okay, I understand that. They elaborated further that we should just say Noah was sick next time. I’m not fine with that. I will not teach my child to lie and I won’t encourage them to find ways to work around the system. I am more than willing to be called before the juvenile court judge to explain that my child missed a day because I had no car available. I am not going to make it easy for the school to pretend that they are not slightly responsible for this absence. Instead of finger pointing, maybe the school administration needs to spend a little more time looking in the mirror.

6 thoughts on “No, I won’t lie for you.

  1. I agree with you on all counts! (Especially the Cinderella treatment. Tee hee!)

    Of course the school doesn’t want a record of their own screw up! Jerks.

  2. ‘just say he was sick.’

    What they teach in school these days. I’m with you 100% on this. Heck, 101%.

  3. You did the right thing. After their response, I have to admit I would be tempted to call the person in charge of transportation for KCS. There are many children who must have the bus in order to get to school. I actually think the system/school cannot count you absent if the bus does not run. The idea that you should lie about it is outrageous!

  4. Actually, surprisingly enough, per Knox County Schools attendance policy, the bus not running is not a valid excuse ( The school system bus manual says only that the bus contractor must notify the Transportation dept. if the bus doesn’t run but there’s no obligation to make sure kids are picked up. That is just plain stupid… I would file a complaint with the Transportation department just for the record.

  5. little bit of crazy-not a valid excuse? but lying and saying he was sick would be ok

  6. You are much kinder than I (must be one of those southern hospitality things I keep hearing about). I would have pitched a fit, first at the bus missing (again) a pickup. Then again, at that response. Technically, you are not right, you did have transportation arranged. IT failed. And since it is part of the school system to ensure that it provides that safe transportation, they are responsible, and I would have told them that next time they need to provide ME with an explanation as to why they failed to deliver on their promise of safe transportation to and from school.

    (it should be noted that I am not well liked by our local school board)

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