dance IF nobody is looking

My brother sent the children a DDR. Sarah waited until the younger children were tucked in bed and I was in the kitchen washing dishes before she hooked it up to try. In a big family, being the first child to use something is huge deal. I think it’s more about gloating than the fun of the new thing, but maybe I’m just tired and crabby. Whatever the motivation, I stood at the sink with the water running, plates and pans clanking and the sound of music wafting in from the other room. With all that noise, I could still hear Sarah stomping and sliding her feet. I ran out of hot water and drifted in the living room to clean up Evan’s matchbox cars. The second that Sarah felt my presence, her dancing ceased. She stood completely motionless except for just her big toe gently tapping the squares. “Sarah, is that how you are supposed to play with this?” “It’s fine.” I wandered off so she could return to actually having fun without anyone knowing. I wouldn’t want to risk giving her a reason NOT to be sullen and contrary all the time.

2 thoughts on “dance IF nobody is looking

  1. Take some pictures, if you can. I’m glad she’s enjoying it, even if surreptitiously.

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