Knoxville Pearl

We have found one place that is perfect for small children in downtown Knoxville. The lovely Summer at Vs suggested we take our crowd to the Knoxville Pearl to satisfy the “I’m hungry” gamers. I suspect the target audience is college students who think jammies are real clothes, but my children thought it was “awesome.” Sarah created odd blends of different cereals while Amy ate only the cereals that I never buy. I am chocolate’s number one fan, but I will not buy “chocolate” cereal. Evan just made himself at home. The 60’s modern furnishings, the groovy murals and the console television playing cartoons made even the geezers in our group feel like it was Saturday morning again. Just don’t go to the Pearl on Saturday mornings. They open around the time when college students start their day and stay open for anyone who wants to get a head start on breakfast after they leave the downtown pubs.

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