MagPies in June

When the stress level in the house reached 11 this morning, Doug and I needed either time alone or time apart. Since time alone never happens, I packed up Amy, picked up Granny and headed down to MagPies for the June tasting. We sipped our free milk and ate free mini-cupcakes that were described as:
Strawberry Basket – Vanilla butter cake swirled with strawberry-orange puree, topped with a light orange buttercream
Ginger Peach – Gingery cake studded with crystallized ginger topped with peach frosting
Devils Food – Moist chocolate cake filled with creamy vanilla goo topped with a smear of ganache

Everyone in Knoxville should have made the time to be there today. It was delicious. My favorite was the ‘Strawberry Basket’ which was like dipping a fresh strawberry in orange cream. The ‘Ginger Peach’ was good, but my least favorite of the three. Amy thought the ‘Devil’s Food’ was “really good brown cake with icing on top AND in the middle.” I would describe it as a Ding Dong for grown-ups. MagPies will have another tasting in July. The flavors are going to be: Lemon Blueberry, Black Forest and Banana Split. Who wants to meet me there?

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