road trip history lesson

Things my children will never experience during road trips:
*Gaps between radio stations (I love you XM).
*My father singing 50s gimmick songs (Tom Dooley, etc.) to keep himself awake.
*Potty breaks behind trees on barren stretches of road.
*Travel without music players and DVD players.
*Traveling without seatbelts.
*Sleeping in the back window.
*Sleeping on the floor.
*An open playpen in the back of the station wagon.

Things they need to experience:
*Stopping to read historic markers even if they don’t want to.
*Picnics along the way.
*Days when there are no classes, appointments or errands. Time is irrelevant.
*Beaches (Amy and Evan have no beach memories).
*Mom laughing instead of stressing.

One thought on “road trip history lesson

  1. Sleeping in the back window….wow, that brings back memories I had not thought of in years. We used to drive 10 hours to North Carolina from Florida in the middle of the night. Since I was the smallest of 3 kids, i got to sleep on the window panel of my parents’ Plymouth. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

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