why I do all the packing

I asked everyone to put everything they need for the vacation on the kitchen table. Evan, obviously, gets a free pass on this one. His idea of getting ready for anything is putting a matchbox car in each fist. Amy put out a pile of stuffed animals, her swimsuit and a pair of jeans. Noah put out three pairs of jeans and two t-shirts. Sarah put out two bikinis, 4 jammies and 15 complete outfits that didn’t match so that she could roll her eyes every time I questioned one of the choices. Tommy put out 8 pairs of underwear, sandals, jeans and three t-shirts. Doug was exempt from this exercise because he would wait until we are loading the car to throw 12 pairs of socks, 6 pairs of underwear, 6 swimsuits, 8 juggling clubs and an assortment of juggling balls in the car, without a suitcase. It’s best for everyone if I do all of the packing. Besides, it makes it easier to have a scapegoat when something gets forgotten.

One thought on “why I do all the packing

  1. This is so totally my house. (And yes, I totally agree about Doug. Juggling balls over fresh underwear any day has got to be his style.)

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