Other people vacation EVERY year?

shoe boatsYear after year, I read everyone’s accounts of their travels and adventures and thought I was fine in my happy little corner of the world. I still love where I am, but vacations are wonderful! From Evan’s first timid steps on the sand to his out of the blue declaration, “I am happy” midweek, this was a great week. It overshadowed his giant sand vomit in the bed and his impulsive assault on his sister’s shoulder with a large rock. He spent the week shrieking in terror every time anyone tried to apply sunscreen to his delicate white skin. As a result, he has some small pink splotches, but fared much better than I had imagined. Amy’s surprise that the ocean is salty and her inexhaustable play with the water splashing on the sand were entertaining enough to excuse her beach obsession with the body’s waste products. “Is that fish poop?” I wonder how many times I can retell the story of Amy squatting in the sand and peeing while she loudly informed everyone on the beach that “Uncle Dean said it’s okay to pee in the ocean” before she gets annoyed with me.

rough waves todayThe sun touches Noah and he immediately turns brown. He paired off with other tweens on the beach and they ventured farther into the ocean than I was comfortable with them doing. By the end of the week, he was exhausted and eager to crawl back into his digital entertainment world. I’m giving him a few days of electronic abuse before I shove him back outside. Sarah started the week by wearing her clothes into the ocean. By Friday she was running all over the island, comfortable in only a bikini. As a result, she attracted some attention (and new facebook friends). The highlight of her week was a flight above the island as a special gift for being so helpful with her younger siblings. Tommy was a wild card. I didn’t know if the beach would be too much of everything for his senses. Allowed to self regulate, he did wonderfully. He loved the floating sensation in the ocean, but spent very little time relaxing on the beach. He declared the ocean exercise and the pool relaxation. He and Noah abused their indulgent Uncle with the dragons that lurk on the beach at night. Aunt Jeni and Uncle Dean were playmates for all of the children. Although Jeni and I shouldn’t be allowed to sit across from each other at meals because we misbehave when together, I think we agree that having a once a year trip for the entire family at which we celebrate ALL of the holidays and birthdays of the past year together would be perfect.

If midnight beach walkI could change anything about the week, it would be having a giant tube slide from the chalet to the beach. How much fun would it be to toss yourself and your basket of towels down the slide and instantly be at the beach instead of trudging down several flights of stairs with 50 pounds of equipment every morning? Some sort of Swiss Family Robinson lift for getting the equipment back upstairs would be helpful. Also, I would have no televisions in the chalet. If we ever go again, I will absolutely be bringing a clothesline. The teeny-tiny washer and dryer combo in the chalet held about two beach towels per load. I would have had to spend the entire trip doing laundry if I hadn’t packed plenty of clothes for everyone. If I could have one thing different, it would be not ending the vacation with the scrubbing of two toilets and their respective bathrooms. Cleaning is the exact opposite of relaxing. I know that because I am now looking at a mountain of sandy clothes and shoes. I don’t care though. It was totally worth it. The neighbors enjoyed our vacation too. “It was soooo quiet in the cove last week.”

Our vacation pictures.
Jeni & Dean’s vacation pictures.

2 thoughts on “Other people vacation EVERY year?

  1. Glad you guys had such an awesome time! Our beach adventure was just as wonderful, but we didn’t get as many pictures and have been too busy to get a good write up posted. Hope to get with you guys and hang out soon so we can catch you up on stuff that can’t be blogged .. yet. 😀

  2. The moon pic was my favorite, but this whole entry was an excellent write up. Alexis and Trevor are on the beach in Florida as I write (I didn’t get to go this summer or last due to work), so I get the shock over the fact that some people go every year.

    I always hate the second to last day of vacation, when you start thinking about it’s your last “full” day and having to pack up the next morning.

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