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While another area in Knoxville rallies together to be heard by St. Mary’s, the neighborhoods around Lakeshore sit silently. They silently watched, year after year, while the buildings deteriorated as the state reduced Lakeshore’s budget. They said nothing when Lakeshore was forced to sell some of their valuable property to Parks & Rec. They are remaining quiet as all of the cottages and buildings on the soccer field side of Lakeshore’s Orchard Road are claimed for the soccer teams’ parking needs. The majority of the SPMI population at Lakeshore has been tossed aside by their families and the state is quietly taking away their front and back yard. This time, they have taken the consumers’ chapel away from them. The Lakeshore family needs that chapel far more than the Hummer driving soccer moms need additional parking. How many of those soccer parents have ever spent an hour in that chapel with the Lakeshore consumers? I’m seriously guessing that the answer is none. How many soccer games are the Lakeshore consumers welcome to attend? There may be a few kind hearts on that field, but I still doubt if the majority would allow it. Lakeshore’s chapel needs to be open. The consumers, doctors, nurses and volunteers need that chapel. The chapel would never turn away any of the soccer families. Unlock the chapel doors and let it serve the entire Lakeshore community, athletic families and health families alike.

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  1. As a Soccer Dad, I’m sorry to hear there is a problem at Lakeshore. Frankly, everybody is not only welcome, but encouraged to come watch games and practices.

    Soccer teams pay by the hour for the privilege of using those fields. There aren’t nearly enough recreational fields for kids or adults in our area.

    I don’t know the whole story on the chapel but please don’t blame soccer moms (or Dads) for it. I drive a toyota but I know what you mean about some of the cars. I assure you we aren’t all like that.

    I hope there will be some way to save your chapel or replace it somehow. Good Luck.

  2. I agree the chapel should be spared but most of the cottages have not housed residents for over a decade. They have been used as offices by the Division of Mental Retardation Services since at least 1999. DMRS is building a new complex off of Western Avenue so they will vacate the premises in the near future. I wonder what will become of them.

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