When is politics NOT funny?

Aww, Cathy isn’t laughing at the silly season. She is getting downright terse and intolerant instead of shrugging and shaking her head. In the past, I could ignore and avoid. This year, I just can’t. When MY son is going to vote on the next president and his head is filled with sexist and racist jokes while his e-mail is filled with photo shopped pictures and ramblings about everything EXCEPT issues, it is not funny. I won’t ask my child how he voted and I won’t expect him to tell me. I DO expect him to take that vote seriously. I want him to respect the responsibility that every American has to vote. I don’t want him to be a self-centered cynic who just writes off politics as pointless and unworthy of his efforts. I want him to believe that this is a good country with good people who are trying to make it better. I want him to understand that if parts of the system are broken, it is our fault and our duty to fix them. I want him to understand that after the votes are cast, we have to be united as a team to do the best we can with what we have. It is not a battle of good versus evil. It is just basically good human beings with ideas that are both right and wrong. That is a lot to expect of an 18-year-old. It is also very little to expect. It just isn’t funny any more.

5 thoughts on “When is politics NOT funny?

  1. I think some people vote on the reason that they like the elephant instead of the donkey. I’m serious!

  2. Ray, I agree. And many, many people have just “chosen a team” and follow politics like it’s just another sporting event. Go fighting whities!

  3. My son is voting in his first election this year. It is scary that the baby that we brought home from the hospital on Halloween 1990 is casting a vote this year. I am NOT old. I am NOT old. I am NOT old!

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