Why did Sarah have blood on her face?

Even though NOBODY asked, I’m going to explain why Sarah had blood on her face and shirt after Color Guard practice a few weeks ago. Why? Because in ten years, the story will either be forgotten or blown completely out of proportion. For the record, the Color Guard was outside practicing. She didn’t see it coming, but a bug flew up Sarah’s nostril. Not a happy little Aborigine bug that cleans and flies away, but a mean and crabby little bug that chomped down hard as soon as it realized it wasn’t in a good place. Sarah screamed, pinched the bug-free nostril closed and blew that nasty critter out. She was laughing so hard that she didn’t realize blood was pouring out of her nose until it was everywhere. Her face cleaned up no worse for the wear and that should be the end of the story. But . . . when you least expect it . . . CHOMP! It’s a nostril bug! Oh, sorry. It’s late on a Friday night and that’s the time to tell ghost stories isn’t it? Bugs, ghosts, same amount of evilness.

I told you it was one of those freaky things that only happen to our family.

3 thoughts on “Why did Sarah have blood on her face?

  1. Yeah I totally assumed it was a flag whack to the face. The reality is much grosser and more disturbing than that though….*shiver*

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