5 thoughts on “silage

  1. …. silage should be stored in silos….. not on the ground…….. and silage smells sweet when it is done right……… what was with all the tires?… were they holding the “silage” down against the ground with no airflow?…..

  2. Steve – I’m acutely aware of where my food comes from and I’m consciously not a vegan. I just have a milk neurosis. 😉

    Eric – I’ve never seen anything like this silage. Plastic tarps and tires to accelerate the fermentation. It’s organic and yet it’s not. Surreal.

  3. I hope my cheese doesn’t come from a field. I drove by that pile in darkness this past weekend. A cloud of bugs surrounded it so thickly that it took me a minute to realize it wasn’t rain hitting the car.

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