TMI warning

If the contents of my nose don’t become less green and my face doesn’t stop hurting, I might actually consider a visit to the doctor. Maybe.

Really disgusting update: It is no longer just green. Now it is blood streaked. Let’s pretend that means it’s getting better.

5 thoughts on “TMI warning

  1. I am not a pharmacist (required disclaimer, lol) but I highly recommend Co-Advil-cold and sinus. I had a terrible sinus infection and the only thing that relieved my headache and green yuk was the Co-Advil. Of course you have to show I.D. and have your whole life screened, thanks to our local Meth addicts. I hope you feel better!

  2. I use Sudaphed Sinus Headache – it really helps with the pressure behind the eyes…I’ll have to remember about the Co-Advil, though, I may try that next time…Hope you feel better quick!!

  3. Have you tried Musinex DM or maybe making up a cocktail of all of the above. I saw the doc today to rule out bronchitis and was told everyone is coughing right now. And the hives, well “Do you worry a lot?” Just VERY happy Denny did not break a leg.

  4. When I had this crud, I tried a cocktail of the Sudaphed and Musinex Extra Strength (version you have to ID for), but the CoAdvil was the only thing that worked. I know I sound like a “spokesperson”, but in my time of crisis it was a real difference maker.

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