Two things I liked about Watchmen

Watchmen starts right off with one of the best opening credits ever. It sets the tone and eliminates the need for tons of back story. It’s also brilliantly edited.

The other thing I liked is a particular scene that I’ll just include on a list of equally impressive scenes in other movies. In no particular order, there is an effectively emotional scene in:

  • “Watchmen” in the owl ship
  • “Risky Business” on the train
  • “Catch and Release” in the middle of the night
  • Mr & Mrs Smith after the fight

Just in case that made you want to bleach your brain, one thing I didn’t like about Watchmen? Laurie Jupiter

5 thoughts on “Two things I liked about Watchmen

  1. I thought she did fine. Her first sentence or two had me worried she wouldn’t be able to act, but I never blinked at any line in the rest of the film.

    The critics are nuts, by the way. It’s a great film.

  2. Rorschach sure was spot on. And given that it was such a massive and dense tale to tell, I was impressed they did it so well. I told a friend it was the first $100-plus art house movie i’ve ever seen.

  3. Udder Brother – I tried to imagine a different actress in the role and I still don’t think I would have liked her character.

    Doug – She’s very beautiful, but the worst character in the movie. 2-d instead of 3-d.

    Joe – Definitely an art house movie.

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