It only takes a village if they’re under 21

When I saw the son of family friends standing in the rain, I had to offer him a ride. When I noticed he was holding 3 cases of beer, I couldn’t help but ask if he was having a party. “No, just don’t want to go out in the rain again.” As I dropped him off at his house, he casually mentioned that his parents were away. If this boy was a few months younger, I would have immediately called his mother to make sure she knew what he was doing. Because he is 21, I am somewhere in the whatever I do won’t be right zone. Nobody wants reports on their 21-y-o’s behavior if they aren’t breaking any laws. That’s just being a busybody. Yet, by doing nothing, I feel like I’m breaking the mom code. A date on a calendar doesn’t magically make someone mature enough to make good decisions. Drinking alone just seems dangerous. My seriously unscientific survey on Twitter had a unanimous “don’t tell” response, so I’m not telling. I will still be worrying excessively.

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