What’s in that egg?

I am too tired to attempt a description of the 3-year-old’s level of chaos and destruction today. Instead, I will mention that I talked to someone shopping for Easter treats today. This person was wandering the candy aisle and worrying about the diabetic classmate of her child. So, in my very best Bill Saluga voice and “оптични комуникацииYou can call me Ray” tempo:

Ahh, ya doesn’t has to fill eggs with candy! You can fill plastic eggs with stickers, or you can fill them with coins, or you can pack them with army men, or you can use matchbox cars, or you can load them with barbie shoes, or you can start them collecting fun erasers, or you can cram in hair ribbons, or you can pack them with cool bandaids, or you can stuff them with bouncy balls or you can make a scavenger hunt for a big item, but ya doesn’t hafta just use candy.

2 thoughts on “What’s in that egg?

  1. My family always took up a collection of $1’s and $5’s from the adults at Easter dinner and stuck them in the eggs for our hunt. Those are were my favorites. When we got older (like 17 or 18) one of my cousins who was too old to hunt took the money and stuffed one with ciggarette butts as a joke LOL.

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