Ten Favorite Movie Characters

The only thing worse than memes are the Facebook quizzes, but there are some people who I won’t say no to, so, at Joe Powell‘s request, in no particular order, here are ten brilliant movie characters.
1. “Paint Your Wagon‘s” Elizabeth – A woman who finds happiness when she makes her own choices, but ultimately compromises because of what others think.
2. “Fandango’s” Truman Sparks – As one-dimensional stoner characters go, Truman is the least likely character to actually be relevant to the film’s plot.
3. “Pleasantville‘s” Betty Parker – Without ever changing who she is, Betty goes from being alive to truly living.
4. “Drowning Mona’s” Chief Rash – The closest thing to sane in this town is the sexually ambivalent sheriff.
5. “The 40-year-old Virgin‘s” Andy Setzer – It’s Steve Carell. He just smiles and he’s charming, but this is a great twist on what your friends always told you after you got dumped by a jerk.
6. “Dogma’s” Loki – He’s not a psychopath, he’s just the Angel of Death.
7. “Royal Tenenbaum” – The patriarch who is also the movie’s title is a horribly selfish human being who accidentally heals all the broken souls around him.
8. “Heathers‘” JD – The sociopathic counterpart to Loki’s psychopath.
9. “My Favorite Year‘s” Alan Swan – The impulsive alcoholic who can make any woman melt just feels like Peter O’Toole playing himself, but it is wonderful.
10. “I Love You Alice B Toklas‘s” Harold – a very extreme midlife crisis in just one of Peter Sellers many fabulous roles.
Now, my brain hurts for all the wonderful characters who I didn’t include. Please forgive me, forgotten geniuses.

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  1. i finally saw the Royal Tenenbaums flick the other night and it way exceeded my already high expectations. and yep, Gene Hackman totally owned that movie. thanks much for playing along with this!!

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