Blogger Bigboote

When I was young, I had a huge callous at the top of my middle finger from writing so much. I am not exaggerating. It was so enormous that people constantly commented on it. “Wow! You must write a LOT.” I may have been self conscious about every other part of my appearance, but that finger callous was a source of pride. I don’t know when the callous shrunk down to just a rough patch of skin, but it’s been gone for long time now. After I spent most of the weekend sitting at the computer with no finished anything to show for my efforts, I started missing that finger callous. With the amount of time I spent tapping on keys, my fingertips should have little pads on their tips. Maybe the fingerprints should be rubbed smooth. Instead, I’ve earned a big giant behind for all the hours I sit at the computer. That’s just not right. I would much prefer a double-wide finger to a double-wide seat.

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