do not panic

Things are still wonky, but it’s a work in progress. Aspies may now complain about the unfairness of changing things. Control freaks may now complain about my non-compliant code. Artists may now complain about the monochromatic color scheme which I don’t like either. Everyone else can offer constructive criticism.

5 thoughts on “do not panic

  1. Nooo… changes! You mess us all up! (No, I’m not an Aspie. I just live with two of them! I’m Aspergated!)

  2. Actually, I kind of like it. I, for one, like the monochromatic style. I’m not sure about the logo/masthead, though. I think it’s not very legible. I think the overall layout, however, is nice and clean.

  3. I never visit here unless I’m going to leave a comment because I catch up via rss/twitter/etc so I’m late to the party, but I LOVE the new look! Bravo.

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