banana peel shoes

Last night was a perfectly beautiful evening with a slight breeze. Bugs chirped in the tall trees and geese sang in the distance. The air was filled with a blend of food and wine smells. The children were at home with a babysitter and the evening was filled with promise. Surrounded by familiar faces and cheerful chatter, my feet awkwardly slid out from under me and I fell on my hip with a very comical thud. It happened so quickly that I didn’t have time to throw my arms down to break the fall. If I had, I would have been very sorry, as my wrists don’t have any of the strength and padding of my ample posterior. My natural cushioning saved me from any pain except embarrassment. As soon as I landed, I heard gasps from every direction except one. Instead of a surprised gasp, the familiar voice of my own husband matter-of-factly announced, “It’s okay. She does that all the time.”

3 thoughts on “banana peel shoes

  1. Doug…such love abounds…

    (I’m glad your padding protected you. I got plenty if you ever want more. I’ll gladly pass it along.)

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