Half-Blood Prince

In random bullet form, because:

  • Midnight movies are fun, but I fall two days behind every time I do an all-nighter anything.
  • HBP doesn’t suffer from the “trying too hard” to be dark, funny or normal that previous installments had.
  • This movie has an inevitable destiny feel that makes each of the characters more interesting and more forgivable.
  • Calvinists will like this movie.
  • HBP is not too scary for the older children and tweens. I didn’t even hear a sniffle from the crowd when a character died. This is not a bad thing. It is appropriate given the intended audience of the original books.
  • I can’t watch Luna without seeing Asperger’s.
  • Romance and companionship are more prominent than action and suspense in this movie. It’s like catching your breath before the free-fall on the roller coaster.
  • I’m too old to find ANY of the young adult actors eye candy. Instead, I found myself mesmerized by Maggie Smith. I find her more beautiful and fascinating than any of the plastic people who usually play adult women in movies. I want to have that kind of confidence in who I am when I am 75. It’s just the getting there that’s difficult.
  • Infants and babies are flexible enough to sleep and nurse their way through a movie at any time of day or night. Small children are not. None of the preschoolers at the movies at 2 in the morning enjoyed the outing and their parents won’t enjoy how over-tired and cranky those children are today.
  • I know it’s been a long time since I was a teenager working at a (now gone) movie theater, but we had fun. Midnight movie crowds are playful and easily engaged. The teens working last night were overwhelmed by the crowds. They were visibly nervous and looked more interested in blending into the walls than in having fun with their coworkers.
  • There are not enough trivia slides before the annoying tv commercials that are followed by the excellent movie previews. Did that sentence make any sense?
  • The best crowd reaction was for Sherlock Holmes and the very worst was for 2012. As the lady behind me said, “Aww, h*ll no.”
  • Hurry up and finish the last two movies already!

6 thoughts on “Half-Blood Prince

  1. Cathy, I agree about Maggie…But that’s just it, everyone is so focused on the three starring child-young adult roles in this film when I believe it’s the adult characters that actually carry this series! I love the wisdom, the human errors they possess, their natural desires to protect the students, etc.

  2. What stood out to me was the kinship the teens in the audience seemed to feel for the characters. Then I realized that the HP kids and our kids grew up together. It was a sweet realization. I’m like you too, it will take me a few days to catch up on myself; I just don’t think I can possibly make it to the Twilight midnight in November!

  3. I thought I was the only one who saw that in Luna! LOL! (I should’ve known better.)

  4. 9/11 ruined me totally for destroy-the-national-landmark movies forever. I can’t watch ID4 again to this day. I hate seeing the Eiffel Tower get eaten by acid in the GI Joe preview I’ve seen about 4 times this summer.

    Way too much snogging and pre-teen humor in this movie. It seriously overshadowed the seriousness of the plot.

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