back to school

Tommy: “I own a pair of jeans and a bunch of t-shirts. Why would I need anything else?”
Sarah: “I don’t need anything new. Except this. And this. And that.”
Noah: “Uhh, what’s wrong with last year’s clothes?”
Amy: “Okay, I really need this outfit and that outfit, but I hafta have earrings to match each outfit.”
Evan: “Star Wars shirt!”

Noah walked around the house combing his hair for 30 minutes before he used a hair dryer on it. Then, he positioned himself in bed, like a body in a casket, so that he wouldn’t mess up his hair. I’m going to fry his brain and take him for a haircut tomorrow afternoon.

Amy has had her outfit and backpack sitting out for almost a week. If she gets up in the morning and tries to “change her mind” I will scream.

Evan doesn’t understand why his school doesn’t begin until next week. He is “ready to play” now. I anticipate tears.

Doug is in a tizzy at the sight of our schedule with five children in five schools. Tommy going to Pellissippi seems to have tripled our driving time. This is one of those times when Doug regrets being a 1 car family. It’s also one of the reasons I now have Catheee. It’s too bad the only school parking lot where I can pick up a signal is Tommy’s school.

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