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House: Last week, one character went too far and we see how the person leaving the show will be exiting. I am now seriously eager for the series to have character development and closure.

Heroes: A transitional episode to kick start action and repair the wrong done last season. Could everyone hear me screaming “YES” during the final scene?

Stargate Universe: I don’t know the characters well enough for all this skipping around and stop with the Battlestar parallels please.

Sanctuary: Except for the 3-way split screens, the series is even better than last season.

Psych: I can’t believe there’s only one episode left this season.

Monk: Last week, the series shifted gears, but it felt like a one-episode change. This week’s episode was funny, sweet and clearly the beginning of the end.

2 thoughts on “quickie tv comments

  1. I hate to tell you this, but there will never be any type of closure or long-term story arc that has an impact on or changes House in any meaningful way. I accepted this long ago and am fine with watching Hugh Laurie act his socks off each week….

    As for SGU, I loved it. Saw the first three eps on screeners and really liked it a lot. I am fascinated to see where it goes.

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