Doug spent yesterday and today blowing leaves. He blew leaves off the roof. He blew leaves off the driveway. He blew leaves from the front yard. He blew leaves from the back yard. He took the thick blanket of leaves that covered every inch of our house and yard and blew the leaves into giant piles. He occasionally tapped on the window and gestured for me to look at his work. I smiled and gave him a thumbs up every time. As he turned and walked off to work on a new area of the yard, Evan trailed a few feet behind him. Evan’s arms were filled with leaves that he was collecting from the giant piles and sprinkling everywhere that was lacking in leaves. Doug blew the leaves off and Evan tossed them back in the place where they belonged. When darkness forced them both indoors, Doug flopped on the couch and Evan flopped on the floor. Satisfied. And oblivious.

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