I don’t get out much

“I’d like you to meet H. He’s a handsome recording artist from a multi-generational family of talented musicians who has the people on your iPod on his speed dial. This is Cathy. She has five children.”

“Have you met G? He’s the head of a University department who has been in popular magazines for his amazing research. He has recently discovered that a species of local wildlife is several steps behind the evolutionary development of its’ species on other continents. G, this is Cathy. She has five children.”

“This is C. He’s a spiritual teacher and well-respected hospice guide for families at important crossroads in their journey. He is here with his wife. She is an internationally trained Shaman who is on a first name basis with Buddha. Aaand this is Cathy. She has five children.”

“G is a highly respected politician who is legislating world peace and those three are engineers who are collaborating on a brand new technology and she is the owner of a successful local business and this is Cathy. She has five children.”

I do get to meet amazing people. And I have five children.

5 thoughts on “I don’t get out much

  1. You are an amazing person, too. No need to compare or feel inferior. A worthwhile life isn’t about one’s income or status, although the media has convinced many that it is.

    You rock!

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