letters to Santa 2009

Evan's Santa noteDespite my attempts to avoid letters to Santa this year, Amy took it upon herself to leave notes out from herself and Evan. Evan’s is fairly easy, although I am perplexed why a child who has never seen a batman movie or cartoon would suddenly focus on Batman. Figurines are priced and built for adults, but I think Santa can find a way to satisfy the request. Amy’s note makes me twitch.

Amy's Santa note“Amy, we already have two dogs.”
“They are DOGS. I want a PUPPY.”
“Puppies grow up to be dogs and we don’t need three dogs.”
<- cue giant crocodile tears ->

Is there a puppy club that allows members to “borrow” puppies for a few hours each week?

5 thoughts on “letters to Santa 2009

  1. Cathy, We found recently a couple of Shake and Go cars that were the Bat Mobile that we bought for a couple of friends boys for their birthdays. I think they were around $10.00 at Toys R Us. I don’t know if this will help, but hopefully it does.

  2. Perhaps her girl scout troop could volunteer at the shelter once a month or something. Then she could get puppy time?

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