Indoor outhouse

Freshly scrubbed to remove the nasty feeling brought on by washing a load of stomach bug bedding, I sat back in the bathtub to relax for a few minutes. Almost immediately after closing my eyes, something fell on my leg and I sat upright. I looked at my leg where the bruise was already forming. Then, I stared at the three tiles on the bottom of the bathtub. I looked up and glared at the spot on the wall where the tiles were moments earlier. My eyes returned to the water in the tub that was now a cloudy, gritty tile grout mess. Before I could reach for the drain to start a do-over on my bathing fail, the stomach bug child stumbled into the bathroom a moment too late to reach her destination. I scrambled out of the bathtub, covered in tile decay, to clean the crying child covered in blech. My phone rang.

“Hi Cathy. How’s your day going?”

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