keeping the ego in check

“Dad, I really can’t chat about bathtub drains right now.”
“What’s so important that you won’t stop and talk to me?”
“I’m on someone else’s clock. Can we do this later?”
“Whose clock? What are you doing?”
“I’m just cleaning up some messy code.”
“I thought you just posted in chat rooms all day. When did you learn to actually use computers?”
“Several decades ago.”
“Wow. I had no idea that you know how to do something.”

– – – – – – –

Doug: “I thought Valentine’s Day was tomorrow instead of today.”

– – – – – – –

After several years of ignoring my hair except for the occasional bang trim that I did myself, I got six inches of length chopped off my hair today. Nobody noticed.

One thought on “keeping the ego in check

  1. i always find it slightly odd that no one ever notices hair. i mean, IT’S ON OUR HEADS. and it’s VISIBLE EVERY DAY.

    men. i swear.

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